Night of Enlightenment

Monday April 29, 2019 6:45 PM to 3:14 PM

Sgt. at Arms calls the meeting to the order

Liba Levin

Self Introductions (15 secs per)

Thought of the Day:
Immacula Paul

50/50 Raffle:
Atwell Burrows

Membership Report (VP of Membership, VP Education) (30 secs each)

Shrywan Connor, CC, CL

Ah/Pause Counter:
Marco Diaz

Paolo Barone


Body Language Monitor:
Carlos Julio Iturbe

Vote Counter:
Mihir Bajaj

Social Media:
Farrah Williams

Video Representative:
Farrah Williams

Topics Master:
Shannon Stough

Social (15 Min)

Toastmaster introduces Speakers

Joanie Torres
Frenchy Roy, CC, ALB

General Evaluator:
Kareen Dunn, CC, CL

Liba Levin
Ian Kalver

GENERAL EVALUATOR: Asks for Timer’s Report. Member vote for Best Evaluator. Evaluation of the meeting. (2 mins)

THE TOASTMASTER: Reports from Body Language Monitor, AH/Pause Counter, Grammarian (award) and Vote Counter (2nd and 1st Table Topics speaker, Best Evaluator, and Best Speaker).

PRESIDENT: New Member Inductions Closing Remarks (Review next week’s sign up sheet, Announcements and Awards, New Guest Comments, 50/50 Raffle drawing) (30 secs Per)

Meeting Adjourned. 

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