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Andi Kola

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VP of Education

Joseph DiGiorgio

Joined Club: 03/01/2022

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David Dimino

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Iván Santiago


Johanna Gianni

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Frenchy Roy, DTM

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Carmen Rodriguez

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Carlos Alvarez

About Me: Lives in Miami FL  joined toastmasters in October 2018

Joined Club: october 2018
Joined Toastmasters: October 2018

Catherine Cook, DTM

About Me: Cathy has been with Toastmasters for 19 years and has achieved DTM status.  She and her husband own a hotel training company here in Davie, Florida and travels the world training hotels.  Cathy grew up on a dairy farm and some of her hobbies are working out, marine wildlife care, and “huntin”. She loves Toastmasters and belongs to 2 clubs and feels that the camaraderie and communication skills that Toastmasters provides are key to success for social & professional development.

Joined Club: 11/13/2019
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Julie Horev Trachtenberg

Joined Club: 10/03/2022

Renzo Lara

About Me: Born and raised in Peru. I relocated to the South Florida area in 2000 and have worked in the Real Estate field since 2015. My vision is to offer you my dedication, passion and professionalism with any of your real estate needs. I have focused my career on achieving the best possible outcome for my clients. I help people find their dream homes and also getting ready to sell when time comes. I work with a team of experts to efficiently getting your real estate transactions done in an efficient and positive outcome. My background is in Dentistry and Law and Political Science. I am a foreign trained Dentist and a Registered Dental Hygienist in Florida since 2004. I still practice part time in a Boutique Family Dental Practice in Weston. My hobbies are long walks, yoga, reading and travelling whenever possible.  

Joined Club: 05/25/2020

Jonathan Lickstein

About Me: Jonathan Lickstein serves as the Managing Broker for LoKation Real Estate, as well as a Real Estate Coach Mentor & Certified Instructor. Jonathan brings a passion to further Realtor’s breadth of knowledge with Subject Matter Expertise in Advancing Technologies, Sales and Marketing and the role of real estate professionals in today’s digital marketplace. Mr. Lickstein brings a diverse background having lived in Honduras for six years where he met his wife and launched his Real Estate career while learning Spanish. Moving back to the mainland he embarked on helping build a Brokerage starting with only a handful of agents. This evolved under his leadership to become one of the fastest growing Brokerages in the nation and now presides over 1,700 agents statewide. He now has turned his focus to giving back to the industry as a Sterling R Major RPAC investor and serving on several committees and the Board of Directors with the Broward, Palm Beach, and St Lucie Realtor Association and Florida Realtors.

Maria Lucassen, DTM

Immacula Paul

About Me: Born in Haiti, I relocated to Miami at a very young age. I graduated from Miami Central Senior High School, and then went on to attend an HBCU, Bethune Cookman College, where I majored in Journalism. In 2007, young, ambitious and determined to be an entrepreneur, I wanted to help individuals achieve their American dream of home ownership. So, I attended Gold Coast School Of Real Estate to become a realtor; but, I wanted more. In 2015 to further advanced my education, I became a Broker-Associate. I have proudly served the real estate needs of the South Florida Community for over 10 years. I've work with several Non-Profit organizations, for expample: Housing Foundation of America, Urban League of Broward County, The Guardianship Program, ie; 'Probate', Neighborhood Housing Service Of South Florida, along with many Asset management company. I specialize in residential real estate, Vacation homes, relocation..I have assisted with over 500 families in the tri-county area.  I provide guidance to both sellers and buyers with marketing and purchasing under the best terms......Driven To Provide Results With A Steady Hand.  

Joined Club: November 2018
Joined Toastmasters: November 2018

Gabrielle Pelatti

About Me: Gaby Pelatti is a motivational speaker originating in South Florida. Her hearty talks have inspired both young and seasoned audiences to see the "bigger picture" in an uncapped variety of subject matter.

Joined Club: October 2018
Joined Toastmasters: October 2018


About Me: Retiree who is completing the mission of my 40-year RN career to find the experts who are in elected, appointed, & hired roles that also want to weave the gaps with bridges that reduce the stress of debt on students, families, entrepreneurs, and taxpayers.  As the founder of the Wellness Weavers, Inc an online2local system that rewards volunteers, taxpayers, businesses & NGOs that care about the health & wellness of people & the planet, I love to creatively use our Zoom Enterprise.
I love transportation modalities & safe, adventurous travel with others who also believe that all outdoor & indoor spaces are learning & service centers.
I look forward to learning from & with the Hollywood Toastmaster Club & our networks of family & friends.
I need to be able to make the Wellness Weavers wholistic wellness system simple so people understand how we all we can be diverse servant-leaders with each other instead of enslaved & in-debt with the system that is covertly stealing our time & health & leaving their workers, customers, & taxpayers in stress & debt.

Ronald Wilson

About Me: Hey there, I'm Ron. I am a professional photographer, based in South Florida. I shoot mostly weddings and portraits as my business, but also do a lot of travel photography. I work with Photographers Without Borders, doing non-profit projects around the world. One of my most recent projects took me to Ukraine, were I spent two week documenting Clean Futures Fund in Chernobyl. Our work caught the attention of the curator for Xposure Festival in Dubai, which is one of the world's largest photography conferences. The filmmaker who traveled with me and I were asked to exhibit our work and also do an hour presentation about our experiences in Chernobyl. It sounded so excited when I accepted the invitation, but then, when I realized that I might be speaking in front of hundreds of people and possibly the royal family of Dubai, my nerves really set in. I'm general a quiet person and I'm honestly terrified about getting up and speaking in front of people. I get tongue-tied very easily. This is what brought me to Toastmasters. Now I realize this organization is much more than just a group of people doing speeches, it's also about leadership and personal development. I am really excited to be here!

Joined Club: 08/14/2019
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